PLA Filament and ABS Filament is commonly used in 3D printing, has the following characteristics:
High strength, good toughness
Density is small, when printing larger volume model lighter, save money
Cost-effective, can be processed in wide range temperature
ABS softer than PLA
PLA has low shrinkage rate, even print larger models perform well
To be applied to a variety of 3D printer, Makerbot, UP plus, Mendel, Prusa, series, etc
No  Bubble.
Characteristics of PLA Printing Filament:
PLA can be processed in low temperature. PLA with 1.75mm can be processed in 185
PLA tastes like fried corn.
With high intensity and stiffness, PLA can print structure parts of 3D printer for DIY users.
PLA enjoys excellent formability, low thermal denaturation and only 0.3% shrinkage, makin-g firm adhesion between layers.
PLA has bright colors and can be made semi-transparent.
PLA,as an environmental biomaterial is extracted from corns. It has good surface gloss and smoothness.
It sends out no odors in processing.
PLA can avoid curling and warping in printing.
1kg 1.75mm PLA – 350mm (Approx)
Printing Temperature:
PLA: 190 – 220° C
Standard Color of PLA filament:
Deep blue / Black / White / Yellow / Violet / Pink / Green /
Orange / Red / Transparent / Silver / Gold / Grey / Brown /
Sky Blue / Coffee / Red Fluorescent /Blue Fluorescent /
Yellow Fluorescent / Green Fluorescent(Total 20 type of color)
What’s in the Package:
1kg spool 3D printer filament1.75mm
(Each volume contains 1 kilogram of material, together with reels, vacuum bags, paper boxes, a total of 1.35 kg)