Printing Type  FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
Printer Type  DIY
Printing Volume (mm*mm*mm)  400*400*450
Body Structure (mm*mm*mm)  651*612*720
Printer Net Weight (kg)  15
Layer Thickness (mm)  0.05-0.3 
Printing Accuracy (mm)  ± 0.2
Max Printing Speed (mm/s)  100
No. of Extruder  1
Extruder Diameter (mm)  0.4
Max Heating Nozzle Temperature  260°C
Max Heating Platform Temperature  100°C
Filament Support  PLA/ABS/HIPS/Wood/TPU
Filament Diameter (mm)  1.75
AC Input  220-240V (UK Plug)
Power Requirement  250W/24V DC Output
Operation System  Windows/Mac/Linux
Languages  English
LCD Display  TFT Touchscreen with full color
Software Input Format  .stl/ .obj/ .jpg /.png
Software Output Format  G-code


Software  Cura, Simplify3d, Repetier-Host
Wi-Fi  NO
SD card  YES
Ethernet  NO


  • Large build volume 400*400*450mm
  • Quick assembly
  • Matrix 25 Point Auto-leveling
    • Supports real-time adjustment
  • TFT Touchscreen with updated UI
  • Filament Sensor
    • Autopause if filament runs out or break
  • Extruder is compatible with flexible filament
  • Dual Z Axis Photoelectric Limit Switches
  • Resume from power loss