Printing Type  DLP (Digital Light Processing)
Printer Type  Full Assembled
Printing Volume (mm*mm*mm)  120*67.5*150
Body Structure (mm*mm*mm)  360*310*565
Printer Net Weight (kg)  17.8
Layer Thickness (micron)  12.5 – 50.0
XY Resolution (micron)  62.5
Z axis layer height (micron)  25-50
Light Engine Resolution  1080p
Light Source  405 nm LED
Material Support Standard Resin/Castable Resin/Bio-compatible Resin/Tough Resin
AC Input  220-240V (UK Plug)
Power Requirement  40W
Operation System  Windows/Mac/Linux
Languages  English
LCD Display  YES (Touchscreen Display)
Software Input Format  .stl
Software Output Format  G-code


Software  FlashPrint
Wi-Fi  YES
SD card  NO
Ethernet  NO


  • Compatible to different types of 3rd party Resin
  • Full HD 1080p light engine
  • Advanced dual-core 800mhz ARM processor for ultra-fast performance
  • Linear motion guide actuator for achieving smoother printing surface
  • Easy removable aluminum resin vat with pre-installed vat film
  • Calibration-free build plate with quick replacement
  • Touchscreen LCD for easy navigation
  • Jewelry support mode provides more flexible support structures
  • Easy printing modes with resin presets
  • Grayscale and distortion correction algorithm for great detail prints
  • Support for multiple resin types