Colour Changing

Remember those T-shirts from the 80s, the ones that would change color based on body temperature? Or how about mood rings? Well, this is the same deal, because color-changing 3D printer filaments also change color based on changes in heat.

Filaments from this category tend to change between two colors, for example from purple to pink, blue to green, or yellow to green.

As with other exotic types of 3D printer filament, color-changing filament exists in blends of both PLA and ABS.

When Should I Use Color-Changing 3D Printer Filament?

With no special physical, tactile, or functional characteristics, this type of 3D printer filament is purely good for aesthetics. Use it whenever you would normally use PLA or ABS, but desire that extra visual flare. Good candidate projects include phone cases, wearables, toys, and containers.